Frederick Douglass: “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro” (July 5, 1852):, “What to the American slave is your Fourth of July? I answer, a…

Frederick Douglass: “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro” (July 5, 1852):
"What to the American slave is your Fourth of July? I answer, a day that reveals to him more than all other 

Pu Luong trekking 2 days of the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mock; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings, with all your religious parade and solemnity, are to him mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy – a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a nation of the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of these United States at this very hour.
Go search where you will, roam through all the monarchies and despotisms of the Old World, travel through South America, search out every abuse and when you have found the last, lay your facts by the side of the everyday practices of this nation, and you will say with me that, for revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival."…/frederick-douglass-the-meaning-…/…/7/3/what_to_the_slave_is_4th
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Fantastic destinations in Philippines

Batangas is one of the most famous tourist destinations near Manila in the Philippines, 110 km from the city center. It is famous for its beautiful beaches, only a few hours drive from Manila.
El Nido is a protected area in the Philippines province of Palawan. This place is 400km from Manila, located close to the Linapacan Strait, the Sulu Sea and East Sea and attracted by the turquoise waters. El Nido has 45 islets. The highest peak is located in the Cadlao Islands with a height of 640m above sea level. Besides Philippines, if you still want to discover the beauty of Asia, let’s take Vietnam Cambodia itinerary 10 days to make your summer more joyful.
Coming to Oslob, Cebu province in the Philippines, visitors can admire the beauty of the Tumalog waterfall. Although the road to the waterfall is quite steep and slippery, the waterfall can make visitors surprised by the natural blue waters.
Mount Pulag is one of the three highest mountains in the Philippines, located in the Pulag National Park in Luzon. It is famous for many species of animals and rich plants. Camping on the mountain and waking up to sunrise on the magnificent Pulag summit is an unforgettable experience for many visitors.
The Cotabato waterfall has both romantic beauty but also steep with steep cliffs. Located next to the Philippine Sea, Cotabato brings the tropical monsoon climate with relatively high rainfall.
To explore more things around the world, please visit the site:

You go out of your way to make affordable accessible art and it ends up behind glass on display at the Tate and the British Library

You go out of your way to make affordable accessible art and it ends up behind glass on display at the Tate and the British Library….
I have put my shop on vacation mode for a couple of days while I focus on other things but if you actually want to read my zines they are still available at most of the cool library’s: Stuart Hall Library, the Feminist Library and all the London university ones :)

Once again I’m doing prep work (labour that I wont be paid for) for a job that in all likely hood wont get round to paying me for months after the…

Once again I’m doing prep work (labour that I wont be paid for) for a job that in all likely hood wont get round to paying me for months after the fact. I’m constantly reminded that the reason most “successful” artists come from rich families is that unlike so many similar professions we seem to be expected to live on sunshine and water till the job is done.

Bruce Damer writes: Something that came my way today

Bruce Damer writes: Something that came my way today…
Goodbye Old Earth.
You are slipping away just as we were beginning to really know you, and to really come to love you. You go just as we also slip away, encased in our metal, concrete and glass, and trapped within the webs of our own stories. The plant and animal world that isn’t part of the human grid is almost gone. It seems that in our cities, the very air we breathe no longer has any texture.
We rare examples of complex life grown complex enough to lift our eyes and wonder about the stars, to prime our minds to derive the mechanics of the universe, and to open our hearts to truly know ourselves, must now grieve this loss.
Some days I can barely take the intensity of the slipping away. The heat outside dries disturbed soils; confusion and fear fill the future; and above all, a sense of futility infuses my every action.
And I almost give up all hope, and then… a part of me does give up and dies. So in a state of paralysis and isolation I ask “what is left, what missions are worth striving for?”
At times I have asked for help: dear Lord, all knowing Cosmos, Madre spirit of Gaia, help! Will that distant sentinel, the luminous messenger in the sky come to save us?
No answers come, for no agency exists beyond us. We are the greatest, most complex creation of the universe, at least around these parts. So we are it. But perhaps we are not all that it is?
Perhaps the living world created us within a larger web. Perhaps there is a resource there, something untapped, something to call upon?
But wait, what about all these strange coincidences and those outright miracles? Doesn’t this feel like a guiding hand? We’ve mostly given up on gods, as they were too much like us. But perhaps there is something greater out there, and in here?
To answer this question simply feel into yourself and you will sense a flow deep inside, somewhere around the heart. It is giving us life, right here, right now. It is a sort of energy, a kind of intelligence and it is looking out for us. What is it? It is a part of a huge system we hardly have a name for, or any theory about how it works. It is beyond human.
It is a patient presence, it doesn’t judge us for what we’ve done or are still doing. It feels like a parent’s love, infused with both powerful intention and total attention. It is here now as the stakes of this great and rare experiment in complex life are getting so, so high.
And so it will get yet more intense in the world of human beings as the Old Earth dies. It is a birth process, of something we cannot yet conceive. But in this we are not alone, and there is hope.
Dr. Bruce Damer

https://www…/episo…/2017-08-01T11_27_20-07_00 Experiential journalist Rak Razam chats with Caitlin Thompson, the Aware Project San Diego liaison and founder of and a wellness spokesperson about psychedelics as a novel approach to immune conditions. What is the microbiology of the nervous system and how do neurotransmitters send information? Caitlin shares her own journey to wellness and her understanding of the science of psychedelics and how it relates to our own health and wellbeing. Clinical psychedelic research focuses on EEG, MRI and the mind, but what role do tryptamines play in the endogenous consciousness of the mind, body and soul? Do tryptamines like n,n,DMT and 5-MeO-DMT act as psychedelic immunomodulators? Are auto-immune conditions where the body attacks itself a metaphor for the way humans are poisoning the earth? Are humans just a rogue microorganism in the Gaian biome? Science says we have three brains: stomach gut brain/ heart brain with neuronal cells and the mind/ brain. Do our microbiomes have a representation on the astral/energetic level that can be revealed by tryptamines? Does the micro biome receive the broadcast consciousness signal of Source that the ego of the brain filters out? Is the microbiome essentially psychedelic and also affected by our ingestion of psychedelics? And how does this relate to the Amazonian shamanic perspective? Find more about Caitlin at: and the Aware project San Diego:…

TICKETS NOW ON SALE FOR EGA 2017!!!! Come celebrate the entheogenic community Down Under with local and international speakers in this tribal event…

TICKETS NOW ON SALE FOR EGA 2017!!!! Come celebrate the entheogenic community Down Under with local and international speakers in this tribal event that has been years in the making!
The 2017 Psychedelic Symposium is EGA’s 6th conference; with its unique outdoor auditorium attracting attendees from incredibly diverse perspectives; students and academics, backyard botanists to those working within world-leading labs. The comprehensiveness of the conference is balanced by a relaxed and family-friendly vibe, as attendees explore the different conference spaces, market stalls, food options and immersive art installations.
8-11 December 2017, will see EGA convene the largest and most comprehensive Psychedelic Symposium ever undertaken in Australia; Rick Doblin will be down under for the symposium and furthermore the conference will be sponsored by MAPS, Australia’s Psychedelic Research in Science & Medicine (PRISM) and, the Hemp Embassy. Held in a stunning, indoor/outdoor conference facility two hours northeast of Melbourne, the 2017 conference features optional luxury upgrades of 4 star accommodation and mouth-watering meal packages available. Camping, self catering and a community banquet is included with all tickets.
Australian Symposium on the Therapeutic and Medical Value of Psychoactive Plants and Compounds.
The last 50 years, has seen psychedelics transformed from academic curiosity, to being hailed as a new therapeutic tool, then declared as public enemy number one. As the well-worn story of prohibition has proven, people’s intrigue and use with substances doesn’t die with prohibition, it simply dives underground. Today, the psychedelic renaissance is well underway, and unlike the cocktail culture of the 50′s and 60′s who saw them as a curious novelty, there has been a renewed interest in the utilisation of psychedelic substances for a range of medical, therapeutic and spiritual applications.
Rick Doblin PhD is the founder of MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), the 31 year old non-profit research organisation dedicated to developing legal contexts for the beneficial uses of psychedelics – primarily from a therapeutic point of view. Rick explains, “Psychedelics are not a substitute for faith. They are a door to an authentic faith, born of an individual encountering directly the sacred dimension of their everyday experience. Psychedelics are increasingly being used as a gate to this discovery. Like any sort of therapeutic work, the individual needs to choose to engage with the discovery process. The psychedelic path is one of the most ancient and universal, and is among the most accessible to modern day humans.”
The path through the last 25+ years has been illuminated by a flowering of published research papers, studies and projects undertaken by, and in association with, major American and European universities. Communities have grown, becoming more educated about psychedelic experiences, sharing knowledge and caring for one another as individuals navigate their own experiences and growth.
To that end, Entheogenesis Australis (EGA) has been holding educational conferences, symposia and movie events since early 2000’s. What started as a small ethnobotanical meeting, soon grew to be a symposium that coved everything from drug law reform to questions of consciousness and sovereignty.
Visit the Entheogenesis Australis website for more information and to secure your ticket to this world-leading and utterly unique conference.

https://www Heed the Call and help protect the Sonoran Desert Toad! You can donate via paypal to: The Mating Call of the Sonoran Desert Toad can be heard in the youtube video below … Support the Terra Incognita Project’s conservation efforts to protect the Sonoran Desert Toad and it’s habitat (…/ ).

Stop for a second to consider the words “holistic” and “totalitarian”

Stop for a second to consider the words “holistic” and “totalitarian”. They are, in effect, the same word—a theme to which we will return several times in the book. When you have a theory about the whole of society, it makes sense to relate to it in a way that tries to grasp, and change, the whole of it. To relate to the “whole”, we must relate to the “totality”, even try to steer and navigate it. A challenge presents itself: how can we be holistic without falling into the traps of 20th century totalitarianism?

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