Feel emotionally and spiritually cleansed after a whole weekend of black, indigenous and Asian science fiction at Other Worlds Fest Amsterdam

Feel emotionally and spiritually cleansed after a whole weekend of black, indigenous and Asian science fiction at Other Worlds Fest Amsterdam. So many queer, anti-colonial, cosmic connections through music, art and literature. Such a great line up with two many icons to list but here’s some clips of Bwalya Abigail Newton setting the vibe for Body Party, Shabaka Hutchings from The Comet is Coming, A talented young brother from Ezra Collective and the mesmerising Moor Mother. this festival just gave me permission to build the worlds I want to live in and thrive. Thank youIdi Amal Dadaa and other organisers for making history.
“We must call upon the past and the future to rescue us from the present” – Nkisi

We are all products of our environment, our upbringing

We are all products of our environment, our upbringing, our circumstances, our genes, our culture, and finally we are all a product of all of history itself. All of history played out and led up to you with your worldview. Every decision and thought of history was necessary for you to be born in your time and place with your genetic disposition and your surroundings developing your perspective on your experience of the world. You came out of human history like a wave from a sea. Every single part of the ocean was necessary for that exact wave.
Free will may exist, but not outside of these boundaries which guided the circumstances that made you you. This should show you that you are not of yourself, nor are you by any means an independent creature. In the same way that a child’s personality and flesh grew out of the genes and flesh of its parents so that it is literally an extension of its parents, so we are sons and daughters of God. All of humanity is one "thing", coming out of each other, out of each other, out of each other, all possessing the same flesh and stream of energy and consciousness that if traced all the way back came out of God, and indeed is energized by God even now. "We are his offspring" Paul says in Acts 17, "We live, move, and have our being in him."
The fact that we are products of all of this does not belittle our uniqueness or meaning as individuals. There is mystery in all of it. While we are all products of history, we posses a peculiar faculty of subjective experience and relation to the divine that transcends the conditions which history has imbedded into our being, even works through those conditions. We are creatures not only of nature but of revelation which transcends everything that we are a product of. We are creatures in revealing. And we can respond to revelation.  Kohls is a one-stop department store where you can find a wide selection of apparel, electronics, shoes, luggage, home products from top brands like Vera Wang, Kitchen Aid, Converse and more. Furthurmore, they also offer an attractive coupon that gives up to 30% OFF and FREE shipping no minimum or current kohls 30 off coupon. Get the below Kohls coupon, promo code and printable coupons to save your money now!

Let’s make History in Cap-Haitien this year

Let’s make History in Cap-Haitien this year, creating an innovative platform to discuss the future of the Caribbean Tourism, and develop Cap-Haitien as a prototype for the rest of Haiti. 50 speakers, 30 international Media Including CNN Travel, BBC Travel, Condé Nast Traveler, Miami Herald, Le Nouvelliste Haiti, etc. and 800 tourism professionals from all over the world. The sUmmit will include City tours, Beach events, Live performance, including guest like Michael Brun. Tag: Carlo Chancelien, Toussaint David, Conrad Schutt, Angie Bell, Samuel Dameus, Mike Bellot, Tammy Charles, Stephan Berrouet Durand, Fabrice Armand, William Ramos, Amanda Spann

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Remember about the toted Green Revolution

Remember about the toted Green Revolution. Well, this argument still holds especially now with the corporate free-for-all big business thinking of Trump.
Regardless of the corporate hype; the first Green Revolution did no lasting good. In fact it exacerbated the world food crisis by driving indigenous farmers off their land and into urban ghettos and devastating the natural environment (soils, water, biodiversity, etc.).
Now the Gates Foundation continues to support a second Green Revolution which will effectively wipe out what remains and on top of climate change, endanger our food security world wide.
The first Green Revolution introduced chemical, industrialized agriculture to the third world, exploiting both people and natural resources.
The new green revolution performs the same exploitative function introducing GMOs along with more chemicals and high tech mechanization. The real for-profit enterprise, will increase world hunger, not eliminate it. Get now to save money and find more information

RIP to the 2nd Most Inspirational Gentleman

RIP to the 2nd Most Inspirational Gentleman I have ever come across ( Under Dad of course!); and was luckily to be related too.
You were a Fantastiche Husband to my Super Adorable Nanny Rose, An Awesome Father for my Mum Dad, and Jeremy who you took in as your own…dragged up, clothed, fed and made them intelligent and inspiring because you couldn’t produce; but wanted a family so bad!
And what a family it is; all thanks to You and Nanny.
A 2nd Dad to moi, Granddad to Myself and Smell Bags, An Awesomely-Annoying yet Super-Loving Great-Grandad to all your Three-Beautiful Grand-Children, Friend & Coach; plus we often annoyed each other immensely for amusement.
You Fought to Live for 48years after Contracting TB. 30+ Years w/ a Stoma. (Only meant to last half that!) Unfortunately that meant you couldn’t have anymore operations and unfortunately your body would reject any donated organs
You Survived with Half your Organs after 60+ Operations and Experienced a great deal of Agony; but still…you Fought Through.
I’m forever sorry for breaking two promises to come visit you because of my stupid spinal injury. That never meant that I didn’t love you or didn’t care because it breaks my heart that I couldn’t move and was in so much agony.
I’ve shed a lot of tears for you already and currently doing so; my heart aches for you.
I wish some of the staff kept better Ob’s on you..for you to not be Severely De-hydrated; then they would’ve known you didn’t require a CT! It’s all in the scan’s previously and your bag!
I knew you hated it in there; and I’m sorry that I broke my promise to try help you become strong enough for you to come home;
You were a manly, beefy butterfly entangled in your own Cocoon…that often wanted to break free.
I wanted just that one last cuddle and kiss in your own safe and comfortable environment.
I’m sorry you had to leave us all so soon, you are and will be forever missed and remembered for the truly warm-hearted, fun-loving, most inspirational character I have ever known.
The nurses told me after I hobbled up from A&E Post MRI; (I’m like you I don’t listen sometimes; but when it comes down to family nothing else matters) that you slipped away peacefully whilst holding both their hands.
You did look peaceful to me; even though I was waiting patiently for you to wake (we had already said goodbye 3x the past month)
Without sounding too crude; I’m glad you didn’t. I hope you won’t mind? but your hair is lush and I’m totally stealing a piece/peace.
I love you Granddad so so much it hurts like really hurts…..You’ll Be always in here (Heart) and in here (Mind); and I’m sure when I wished upon the moon you were there too.
Goodbye and please forever R.I.P; okay I’ll let you haunt me from time to time too xx
Sweet Dreams love your Jo Jo, xoxo

This is the second time they’ve been caught

This is the second time they’ve been caught. Scum-balls, plus they are misogynistic racist lowlifes. I would never enter one of their stores and never have. They should be in jail. The only reason they aren’t is because they donated to Trump’s campaign. The irony here is they are also major Islamophobes!!! Keep an eye here for more information.

Suzy T

Suzy T. Kane is a dear friend who has spent the last 25 years following the U.S. led wars in Iraq. Born in Basra, Iraq, of an Iraqi father and an American mother from southwest Missouri, “she is the first cousin six times removed of Davy Crockett, which makes her about as Texan as the Bush presidents.” She has written extensively about the psychology of the Bushes and their wars. I am sharing her website and her latest article on Trump for you to peruse. http://www.suzytkane.com/index.php

We have a great new Intercepted focused on immigration and the threats of mass deportation: The Democrats are playing a dangerous game of legislative…

We have a great new Intercepted focused on immigration and the threats of mass deportation: The Democrats are playing a dangerous game of legislative roulette with the lives of vulnerable immigrants in the U.S. This week on Intercepted: As Donald Trump forges ahead with his plans for mass deportations and Democrats flail in their response, Ninaj Raoul and Yanira Arias describe the plight of hundreds of thousands of people in imminent danger of deportation. They highlight the perilous reality facing people with temporary protected status from countries Trump called “shitholes.” Journalist Nick Pinto reveals how ICE agents are staking out churches and homes of immigrant rights activists and tells the story of an organizer who was snatched from the streets of New York and deported to Haiti and another who sits in jail, fighting deportation. Intercept Washington, D.C., Bureau Chief Ryan Grim breaks down a clause slipped into the budget bill that gives the White House authority to fund CIA programs without oversight. He lays out the latest on the Russia investigation, the insanity surrounding the so-called FISA memo, and how the Democratic Party is trying to block progressive candidates from running in 2018. We talk to revolutionary musical artist Seun Kuti, son of the legendary Afrobeat pioneer Fela, and hear music from his forthcoming album, “Black Times.” And Ted Cruz makes a cameo on Arrested Development.

Season 4 premiere of Intercepted is out! I lay out the bloody U

Season 4 premiere of Intercepted is out! I lay out the bloody U.S. history in Haiti and El Salvador and the bipartisan, selective amnesia and historical revisionism that “American exceptionalism” demands. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard calls for direct talks with Kim Jong-un to avert a catastrophic war with North Korea. She defends her meeting with Bashar al-Assad in Syria, explains why she holds Hillary Clinton responsible for regime change in Libya, and says Bernie Sanders would have defeated Trump. As Robert Mueller prepares to question Steve Bannon, former CIA officer and Cipher Brief columnist John Sipher and journalist Marcy Wheeler analyze the Russia investigation, the Steele dossier, and the Trump team’s collusion … with Israel. Leading Marxist scholar David Harvey talks about alienation and debt peonage in the age of Trump, the crimes of capitalism, and why he believes the French and American revolutions would not be possible today.

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