Walking in Bahle park today with my oldest niece

Walking in Bahle park today with my oldest niece – she’s amazing! And she noticed a line in the forest where all the spring wildflowers just stopped. What’s going on, she asked? And then hypothesized that maybe it’s something with the soil? I don’t know what the answer is but that one seemed probable as things got pretty sandy at the top of the hill. (slope, aspect, disturbance history didn’t seem to correlate.) I’m impressed with her observing and thinking!
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We’ve said it many times and Kayla

We’ve said it many times and Kayla, once again, has taken me somewhere I’d never thought I’d be… today it’s in the pit at a Sabrina Carpenter / Alex Aiono concert and also as usual I’m liking it more than I thought I would
I would like to give you a small gift. I found them on the Magic Cabin. And fortunately I feel very happy about this gift. It’s great because it’s discounted by coupon codes. I trust this and always look for coupon codes for subsequent purchases.
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don’t have to result in set backs, regret and stomachaches

Vacation + long car rides, don’t have to result in set backs, regret and stomachaches.. grabbed a few of these and a couple bags of Lorissa’s Kitchen jerky.. and a lots of waterrrrrrrrrrrr!! oh and fruit snacks..
for us, this is heaven.. we have removed and changed our eating habits (with the exception of corn dogs and cool ranch Doritos) that we don’t grab the bags of cookies or a candy bar.. 80/20 is always the rule, even for the kids.. we’re the examples.. ;) almost to the TN line 
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This is the true birthplace of Silicon Valley

This is the true birthplace of Silicon Valley.
Why? See that wall of rocks over on the left? Where my son Ryan is looking? That is the Chinese Wall and the most important part of the original transcontinental railroad. If you ever want to visit just say "Navigate me to the Chinese Wall Donner Pass" to Google Assistant (the new Google Assistant just continues to amaze).
If 30,000 Chinese and a few thousand Americans and others hadn’t finished that wall and blasted the tunnels on both sides Leland Stanford wouldn’t have had the wealth to build Stanford University (he was an executive on the Central Pacific Railroad and was one of four who convinced investors to finance it). If it weren’t for that wealth Silicon Valley would have started somewhere else (Stanford was responsible for helping Hewlett and Packard get started, which kicked the valley off).
To understand the technology industry you have to study trains. :-)
Tomorrow we visit the home and darkroom of Edward Weston, one of the most influential photographers who ever has lived. I am studying the past and future of photography with Marc Silber. We are about to see deeper changes to photography technology than has arrived since Eastman Kodak still mattered.
I think I will be the first to use an Insta360 360-degree camera there (I am doing market development work so am pushing myself to use its products. More on that when I finish editing my videos). If I can get some bandwidth will be the first to broadcast such on Facebook live too.
Vacation in Lake Tahoe was epic. So many great moments.
This photo is a key one in a new talk I am developing about what the killer app for Augmented Reality is.
"Personalized Meaning."
Remember that term. Google says no one has used it before me. Augmented Reality lets us add meaning to everything. In both public and personalized ways. I can imagine coming back to this place in a few years and seeing a virtual reenactment of how it was built and how so much wealth was transported from the gold and silver mines in Virginia City over that wall. Our tour guide in Virginia City said that wealth is what built San Francisco.
There is so much meaning in this place. Both for all of us and for me personally. I took Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble here on our honeymoon almost 16 years ago.
Oh and if you haven’t read Shel Israel’s latest newsletter you should. He is writing important stuff about business uses of AR.
Oh and Vic Gundotra I was thinking of you and the controversy you caused this week (and your conversations about the importance of family) when I made this photo on my iPhone 7+.
Besides this, if you still want to explore Asia, 18 day grand Vietnam tour will be an ideal choice for you.

being wheeled out to the Ambulance from the ER

Breanna, being wheeled out to the Ambulance from the ER last Wednesday on her birthday. I posted an update on her GoFundMe regarding the Liquid Hope. The dietitian at the hospital increased her consumption of Liquid Hope from three bags a day to FOUR! I need your help now more than ever! I just purchased two cases, with your donations over the last month, which is enough to feed her for an additional 12 days. We have enough to cover her until May 25th. Please pray that we get more donations? Please help if you can? 
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The Gospel Driven Society with an Eternal Legacy

The Gospel Driven Society with an Eternal Legacy
The foundation of our Program is to teach youths heart intelligence, knowledge of the heart unlocks humbling gifts from 

Kroger and validates God’s purpose in a person. The substance underlying of heart intelligence is Jesus Christ. Without a heart transplant no change can be effected in our youths, change of heart changes everything. Hope of the world is in the gospel of Christ and a glorious future can only possible with youths that have mastered the DNA of their hearts, youths that have received a new heart, a servant heart that is ready to SERVE. Youths planted in Christ GERMINATE ETERNALLY and these are the youths we desire to build by the grace of God. Youths make up an important part of the body of a gospel driven society which we believe is the ONLY Society that can be the good news in this bad world we live in.
The heart of Hannah is the blueprint of this program. God created women as incubators of His human creation, a corrupt incubator births a corrupt offspring and an incubator with the foundation of Christ can only produce a God desired servant like Samuel. HANNAH is the woman who Personifies Ideal Motherhood. The Objective of our program is to give woman a new heart of Hannah and that heart is only possible with the foundation of Jesus Christ and His redemption work. Our society is starved of women, mothers who truly knows their true Husband Jesus Christ (Isaiah 54:5), women who have embraced the true identity of their true bridegroom -Jesus Christ, women who have the FAITH of Hannah, women who are gospel driven INCUBATORS and women who SURRENDER their children and families back to God. The lessons to be gathered from the fascinating story of Hannah are clearly evident. First of all, as we think of all Samuel became we realize how the excellences of our children and many men have usually been foreshadowed, if not exemplified, in the characters of their mothers. Mothers are the heart of gospel driven society we dream of.“O Lord of Heaven’s Armies, if you will look upon my sorrow and answer my prayer and give me a son, then I will give him back to you. He will be yours for his entire lifetime, and as a sign that he has been dedicated to the Lord, his hair will never be cut.” (1 Samuel 1:11)
God is the father of all mankind and He became the first missionary who went to the garden of Eden in search of two sinners Adam and Eve, therefore His heart of being a missionary is the heart of our Missionary Farm program. We believe every man, every father is a missionary who is supposed to be armed with the gospel of Christ to lead his family and many other families beyond his biological family. As a father your family members are your first disciples, when the missionary servant heart of the father is multiplied a gospel driven society of servant is born. Part of our program is to lead pastors to true salvation, teach and as God lead send them for mission work in corners of the world where God has called them.“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations [help the people to learn of Me, believe in Me, and obey My words], baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19)“I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation” (Romans 1:16)“For that is what the Lord has commanded us, saying, ‘I have placed You as a light for the Gentiles, So that You may bring [the message of eternal] salvation to the end of the earth.’ (Acts 13:47)

I found this from an email that I printed out for my mother from 2000

I found this from an email that I printed out for my mother from 2000. I still find it amusing and let me admit right now that I am chronic. LOL
How many of these apply to you?
Once a relatively rare disorder, Literature Abuse (or “readaholism”) has risen to crisis levels due to the accessibility of higher education and increased college enrollment since the end of the Second World War. The number of literature abusers is currently at record levels.
Excessive reading during pregnancy is the major cause of prenatal LA among the children of heavy readers. Known as Fetal Fiction Syndrome, it leaves its tiny victims prone to a lifetime of nearsightedness, daydreaming and emotional instability.
Most abusers have at least one parent who abused literature, often beginning at an early age and progressing into adulthood. Siblings of abusers are also likely to become literature abusers. Spouses of an abuser may themselves become problem readers.
Other predisposing factors: parents who are English teachers, professors, or heavy fiction readers; parents who do not encourage children to play games, participate in healthy sports, or watch television.
Abusers become withdrawn and uninterested in society or normal relationships. They fantasize, daydreaming about “castles in the air”, while neglecting work, friends and family. In severe cases “problem readers” develop bad posture from reading in awkward positions, or from carrying heave book bags.
How many of these apply to you?
1. I have read fiction when I was depressed, or to cheer myself up.
2. I have gone on reading “binges”.
3. I read rapidly, often “gulping” characters.
4. I sometimes read early in the morning, or before work
5. Sometimes I avoid friends or family obligations in order to read novels.
6. I often read alone.
7. I have pretended to watch TV will secretly reading.
8. I keep books or magazines in the bathroom for a “quick nip”.
9. I have denied or “laughed off” criticism of my reading habit.
10. Heavy reading has caused conflicts with my family or spouse.
11. I am unable to enjoy myself with others unless there is a book nearby.
12. I seldom leave my house without a book or magazine.
13. When traveling, I pack a large bag full of books or a packed e-reader.
14. At a party, I will often slip off unnoticed to read.
15. Reading has made me seek haunts and companions which I would otherwise avoid.
16. I have neglected personal hygiene or household chores until I finish a novel.
17. I become nervous, disoriented or fearful when I must spend more than 15 minutes without reading matter.
18. I have spent money for necessities on books instead.
19. I have sold books to support my reading “habit”.
20. I have daydreamed about becoming a rich & famous writer, or “word-pusher”
21. I have attempted to check out more library books than is permitted
22. Most of my friends are heavy fiction readers.
23. I have sometimes woken groggy or “hung-over” after a night of heavy reading.
24. I have wept, become angry or irrational because of something I read.
25. I have sometimes wished I did not read so much.
26. Sometimes I think my fiction reading is out of control
If you answered ‘yes’ to five or more of these questions, you may be a literature abuser. Affirmative responses to ten or more indicates a serious reading problem – seek help now! Fifteen or more ‘yes’ responses indicates a severe or chronic “readaholic” personality.

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Hey everyone, we just launched a membership campaign for the Intercepted podcast

Hey everyone, we just launched a membership campaign for the Intercepted podcast. We have been overwhelmed by the community of listeners that has grown over these past 9 months (of absolute hell in the world). We want to expand what we do on the show and bring on more staff. We also have gone ad free. We want this show to be powered by the people. I’d be honored if you signed up and supported us. Many thanks!

Hi friends

Hi friends… another tumultuous hurricane has hit and Puerto Rico needs our help. My dear friend and twin sister Yari’s whole family is in the midst of that state of emergency and she is calling out for help! If you are in LA and can donate these items, please DM me and we will coordinate!
✨No matter where you are, you can help! First and foremost, PRAYER. Second, if you can please give to a reliable relief organization, anything on the list below.. or even a few dollars to share your support. Third, know that you are just as loved and supported. ♥️

There is something endearing, almost cute, about being so blinded by the current forms of liberal democracy, that you think that you can take one…

There is something endearing, almost cute, about being so blinded by the current forms of liberal democracy, that you think that you can take one position within it, and it just so happens to be the right one. It is innocent, in a way.
It is very much like when people in pre-modern times used to believe in Jesus or Mohammed just because they happened to be born on opposite sides of the Mediterranean; the highest cosmic truth was in all seriousness believed to be determined by flukes of geography.
Mod­ern people are “religious” in a correspon­ding way; they believe that the people born and raised in their pos­ition in society have the “correct” beliefs and values; that the truth is some­how dependent on where you are situated on a sociological map.

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